Foundation Installation & Repair​
for Shinnston, WV

Reliable Installation & Repair Services for Foundations

Five Star Builders LLC offers experienced and skilled foundation services to the Shinnston, WV, area, including foundation installation and repair. We are a foundation contractor you can depend on to properly install and repair the main support system of your house. Without a sound foundation, your home will not be safe to live in and can cause harm to those who live with you or come visit. Five Star Builders uses high-quality equipment and industry-trusted techniques to ensure each foundation is safe for every home we work on. No matter if your foundation project is simple or complicated, our contractors can handle it all. For a free estimate on our foundation services, contact Five Star Builders LLC at (304) 672-6211.

Experienced Foundation Installation for Area Homes

Five Star Builders LLC has many years of experience working with foundations for all different types of homes. We have over a decade’s worth of knowledge to know exactly what type of foundation is right for your home. If you are constructing a new home, adding a new addition or remodeling your current house, Five Star Builders can help make sure the structure has a strong foundation. With a properly installed foundation, your new home will be safe to live in and will last for many years to come.

Foundation Repair Services to Keep Your Home Safe to Live In

Are you noticing foundation problems in your home? Some signs of foundation failure in your home can be found in the floors, ceiling, walls, windows, doors, basements, and many other areas of your property. Another sign of a foundation problem is that your house appears to be settling or sinking. If you notice any of these signs on your property, contact Five Star Builders LLC immediately to have your foundation inspected and repaired. Once we identify the problem with your foundation, we will give you the best repair options available to fix it.

Our team pays attention to the large and small details of your home to pinpoint any major foundation issues. Homeowners in the North-Central West Virginia area can trust Five Star Builders to repair the foundations of their property and ensure the safety of their home for all who live there.